Those Wonderful “Small Wonder” Days!


Summers were so much fun in the late 1990s. All I had to do was, sleep, eat and watch TV. No stress or strain, it was all fun. Especially the evenings, a glass of Rasna, coupled with Maggi, those were the days man. I still remember how impatiently I used to wait for my favourite show, “Small Wonder”. Sitting, right in front of the TV set, the concentration used to be phenomenal. The ambience in the summers, just added to the rapture. The room dark and cooled, courtesy our monster size Air Cooler.

Vicki, the protagonist of the show, was actually portrayed as a Robot. The story was mainly a fiction. If I plunge into memories, other characters were, Jamie, Mrs. Lawson, Mr. Brindle and yeah Jessica (the cute girl with pimples on her face). The whole concept was amazingly scripted and the execution was even better. The leg-pulling, friendly banters, the satire, the humour……it really had all the ingredients needed for a perfect comedy dish.

With time things have changed, they don’t direct or script such shows anymore (I guess)! That essence of comedy is missing, that hidden humour is not witnessed anymore. Turning candid, I don’t watch shows with the same zeal anymore. Maybe, it’s my lack of interest that makes the shows monotonous and single dimensional. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure- “Things are not, the way they were before”. Those ephemeral joys of childhood still linger fresh in the memory.

It is really amazing, how you lose with age, the ability to find happiness in small things. Vicki, the Robot girl, tickled our funny bones. Happiness, fun and laughter, are all contagious. But don’t wait to catch them, instead be a “carrier”. If a Robot can bring moments of joys, happiness and laughter……..then I guess, we humans can replicate the same as well. So just spread the “smile”. Be a “carrier” of joy, happiness, laughter and optimism.


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