That School Friend!










Changes as they say, are permanent. Things change, situations change and even people change with time. And you start missing those “innocent days”. As Shakespeare said – “Those salad days, when I was green in judgment.”  A few days back, I met an old school friend of mine, I noticed how he has changed drastically. May be this rat race has taken its toll over him as well.

 The changed behavior made me go back the memory lane. It’s quiet amazing, how relations alter with time. I still remember the time we had in our school life. We were like brothers in arms. And see, how things have molded since then. We used to be really close in our school days- we shared food, used to hang out together and share secrets too! I still remember; I was brimming with excitement when I visited his place for the first time ever. The adrenaline rush was no less in him as well; even he was as passionate as anything about our friendship.

I visited that same friend of mine last month. That awesome feeling was not there.  Life is a swift race and a terrible one too! That intimacy was missing. We were behaving more like- “Busy Tired Men!”.  And I noticed, he was continuously shunning me. He was busy with his recently made friends and wasn’t paying much of an attention towards me. He was giving me that- “You don’t matter” look.

 I feel it’s not his fault. Sometimes, you walk on a path wanting to reach a destination but the directions misguide you. And you end up reaching somewhere else. It goes with destiny as well. You want to reach somewhere in your life, but the directions (situations) take you somewhere else. Is it your fault!  Furthermore, when you know a person so bloody well, the curiosity is lost. And my friend knows everything about me, I assume. It’s like you have browsed him enough and there is no trait of personality left untouched. When you have already explored a place completely, then that charm is all gone. So, these I guess are the reasons that made him change nolens volens. Otherwise, he is still that same brat, I loved, wish him all the luck!



  1. even if u know someone “bloody well” doesn’t means that curiosity should lost…check the same case with one’s will never ever be lost..she’ll remain all the same through out her life or even after that..its something heavenly or eternal u can say which keeps relations alive..
    so dnt ur part..leave their’s on them!!!!

    by the way..nicely composed..well versed!!

  2. I totally agree with you dear…….and in your life till now may be u have also done this thing with someone and u even cant noticed it………or will do it…….so this is the rule or phase of life…in which we tend to do things with no intensions………..!!!!!!

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