Actually, We Love Uncle Sam!




















We criticise American Imperialism, American Ideology. But we would never turn down an opportunity to be in America. That is the real magic about “Uncle Sam”. Somewhere deep under, every young Indian wants to be there. And why not, it offers you all the luxury of the world. You get a chance to reside in the richest nation of the globe (or rather in the lap of the richest Uncle). The term “Uncle Sam”, is used as a national personification of the American Government. It is believed that it is named after Samuel Wilson, a meat-packer from Troy, New York.


If you want to go for “higher education”, Uncle Sam is the man. If you are a gadget freak, then Uncle Sam will shower heaps of APPLES on you. If you love fast-food and fast-life, go to Uncle Sam. Furthermore, even the climate of the United States is just awesome (although I have not been there). The roads lavish, the ambience awesome, no dust, latest fashion, fast bikes, Big cars, variety of food, open-minded culture………….and many other things, that can attract any youngster. May be that is the reason, Professor Rajesh Koothrappali, in the famous series THE BIG BANG THEORY, told a FBI agent- “Please don’t send me back to India. It is so crowded there. Here in US, I can live as a care-free bachelor. In India, it is like impossible!”


If you talk about America, I wager you have to talk about- THE HOLLYWOOD and ALCOHAL. A friend of mine, who has been to America recently, stated- “It is the same, as I saw it in the Hollywood”! There has always been a huge fad of Hollywood in India, especially in the metros. Everyone talks about, the Bryan Adams and the Angelina Jollies. Coming to the alcohol thing(the awaited one), America has a variety of Pubs- The Heterosexual pubs, The Gay pubs, The Stripper pubs etc. The list of varieties of alcohol is a long one. From orthodox whisky to the single malted ones, the Beers, the Vodkas, the Rums, and the Gins. The list of “mock tails” is also a long one- the virgin kiss, the cuba libre, the bourbon, grass hopper etc.


The Indians living there find it a bit difficult, to confess the fact that they actually love Uncle Sam. I still remember, I saw a man in a party. He was looking suave, wearing a black colour suit and having a Rolex in his left wrist. He was telling everyone, how much he missed India. He said- “I have been living in America for more than two decades, they don’t have any emotions whatsoever. It’s like a “machine life” there. No one really cares about you there, I miss my nation so much, specially the rich Indian culture.” Everyone was listening to him with great attention. Suddenly, there was a power cut. Power Cuts and summers, are like best buddies-they go “hand in hand”. Everyone was sweating, I was observing that man, and he was getting really uneasy. And finally he gave vent to his emotions- “You know what, that is what I hate about India. The power cuts, the traffic jams. It is so bloody crowded here. No roads, no modern facilities. It is like too below par, when you compare it to the US! ”.


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  1. uncle sam is yesterdays dreamland times are changing i dont think uncle sam is solution to all problems specialyy for job seekers

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