The Next Station is Botanical Garden!(Stop Child labour )

Childhood is bestowed with a lot of innocence, devoid of all the worldly malice. As you grow up, you start “feeling the heat” and the fear of losing starts haunting you. Alas!, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Instead, some are born with poignant issues; such as poverty, illness, family problems etc. For them, right from the word “go”, “life” becomes a thesaurus of the word “survival”. All their corporeal needs, along with their abstract desires, are in chains “ab ovo”(using Latin can help you exercise brevity ). How callous it is to stop someone from chasing his dreams, to stop someone from developing a taste and to stop someone from living life his/her way. Child labour is indeed a felony. It is like torturing a child’s innocence, liberty and psychology. The youth must try to help the less fortunate or under privileged children. We must muster a few ideas and put them in action; to mitigate, if not eliminate child labour.




 Aryan woke up at around 7pm in the evening; he threw a glare at his cell phone and saw 4 MISSED CALLS(from Shahid). He stood up, washed his face and started scanning through the cell phone again. Aryan always loved sleeping. He had his own philosophy, he used to say- “Whenever perplexed, whenever depressed, whenever in doubt- SLEEP! ”. He opened the refrigerator, drank water and then called Shahid. Shahid asked him to reach the metro station in less than 40 minutes. Aryan quickly wore a pull over, that he had once borrowed long ago (and never returned). He took the key of his bike and left for the metro station.



Aryan parked his bike just in front of the metro station. He observed people running here and there, with a brooding look on their faces, “such a rat-race”, he murmured! Suddenly, he saw Shahid coming from the other side, with a huge winsome smile on his face. Aryan, as always, was happy to see his friend smiling. Shahid offered him a cup of tea; both of them were ardent “chai-lovers”. They slowly walked towards a nearby Tea-Stall. While talking and sipping tea, Shahid saw a child standing alone, with tears in his eyes. Shahid went to him and said, “Kya hua?”. The child replied, “Aap mujhe Greater Noida bhijwa sakte ho. Main wahan majdoori karne jaa raha tha, lekin saath waale aage chale gaye aur main piche rah gaya!”. Shahid said, “Kahan se aaya hain?”. The child replied, “Azamgarh”.


Aryan took Shahid aside and said, “Let’s make a move, don’t worry he will be fine. Everyone is born with a fate and ultimately it’s the fate that determines a man’s course of life!”. Furthermore, Aryan strongly believed, that fate can change either drastically or sarcastically. In his words, “Fleet is the Flight of Fate.”. Shahid went to the child, to provide him some consolation. Aryan stood at his place, sometimes looking at the child and sometimes looking at the passing girls. Soon, Shahid was able to convince an Auto-Rickshaw driver to drop the child to Greater Noida. The driver didn’t even ask for any money.


Soon, the auto left. Shahid and Aryan didn’t speak for a minute or two. Both were looking in the same direction, in which the auto had gone. Then Shahid turned and said, “Do you think, he will reach there!”. Aryan replied, “He will reach somewhere, let’s see where fate takes him!”. Then Shahid asked, “Have we sent him to the right place, they will make him work and snatch all the joys of childhood! ”. Aryan replied, “I am not sure, but it could have been worse. At least, he will have his people there. Let’s hope child labour ends completely one day, Inshah-Allah!”.                                  Let’s give it a food for thought and strive to eliminate child labour. Because, “Noble thinking precedes Noble deeds!”.


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