A New Comrade In The Town

“God is dead…….Marx is dead……And I am not feeling that good myself!”

Elections were near, everyone was turning political. Man has always been a political animal, but nobody knew, barbarism will one day take complete control over humanity.
Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And that is what makes politics detrimental for the society. Participation of the youth in politics is extremely important. A Nation’s future heavily hinges upon youth. 

Comrade was just roaming aimlessly in the town, taking snap-shots, writing something in a diary. Suddenly, he noticed a political meeting taking place in front of him. He went close, just to observe more closely. The venue was perfect for a political discussion. It was in a market, located in the heart of the city. Every blessed person involved in the meeting, carried a notion of being bestowed with all the political acumen of the world. One of them said, “I am glad that the elections these days are conducted unprejudiced!” Everyone agreed, another person said, “Furthermore, there isn’t any rural hegemony these days.”

Comrade was listening to them, he smiled. He stood up, lit a cigarette and went close to them. “But, on what basis you people vote these days?…………..I guess, the basis hasn’t changed yet, Do you vote on the basis of development?………….Then, how can you call the elections fair, you must call them “titular fair ”, instead! ”. Everyone was stunned, they knew somewhere he was right. You could see the bitch; they call “guilt” on their face.

An old man, standing nearby was observing the whole drama. He stood up, went to the comrade and said- “I am feeling a lot better now,  Marxism is still existential in the society, no matter we lose or win; we will keep trying!”…………………They both kept staring at each other, as if they didn’t care about the rest of the world. The Comrade offered the old man a cigarette; the old man lit it up with tremendous confidence and style. The old man said, with a vivid smile on his face- “Marx was a great man, and this world is such an impersonal brute!”………………… “Marx was out of the world. His ideas were immortal; they will always guide the society. You know, no matter where you go, the grass would still be green and the sky would still be blue!”- Replied the Comrade.

We must strive to vote on the basis of development, corruption issues. Most people these days vote against somebody rather than for somebody. I guess with changing trends, the society will also move towards betterment and the political scenario of the nation will change as well! Workers of the world unite, Critics of the world untie!


One comment

  1. A new dimension of mental to political approach….. especially titular fair…
    may encourage the youth, cause we all think the same but require to stand beside every political scenario to crush’em up from their roots!!

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