Kashmir- A Jelly State!

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“Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto” (If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here). 

                   If I go back the memory lane, I was in class 5th when I first read these lines. Since then, I always wanted to go to Kashmir. Childhood is bestowed with innocence and ignorance. As I grew, I came to know about the pathetic condition of Kashmir and more importantly, of the people of Kashmir. Even if you plunge into the history of Kashmir, you will find that Kashmir has always been molested; politically, economically and emotionally.


             Kashmir has always been a hot topic for debates and discussions. Whenever you talk about Kashmir, you talk about India, you talk about Pakistan, and you talk about the relationship between the two nations. Kashmir has always been a political imbroglio between India and Pakistan. The geographical location of Kashmir makes things even worse for the people there. The leaders and diplomats of both India and Pakistan, have only contributed to make the web more complex.


          But, what does a Kashmiri wants??…………I still remember, I was talking to a Kashmiri and I asked him the same question. He smiled, looked deep into my eyes, and with a lot of intensity and conviction, replied- “Azzaadi, Hurriyat”!…………Then I asked him, “You people hate India, right??”………..He softly replied, “India hates us, we have never actually been a part of free India. We have always been exploited by the Indian army. Then, how can you expect us to love India!”…………Well somewhere deep inside, I knew he was correct. Kashmir has always been raped; Kashmiris have faced a lot of challenges, terrorism, callous behaviour of the army, cheap politics, lack of resources etc.


            Although, I confess that the condition of Kashmiris in India is pathetic, but Pakistan can never be a solution. Kashmiris can’t expect a good and safe future in Pakistan, as Pakistan itself is a failed state. Furthermore, History speaks that the people of Pakistan have always confronted any culture that is different from their culture. Pakistani Bengalis were deeply molested and were treated like hell.


         And if you talk about Kashmir as an independent state, then Kashmir as an independent state will have no identity or recognition. Furthermore, it will become a hot cake for foreign powers (Uncle Sam in particular!). Its survival will be tough, due to lack of resources. So, India is still the best option for the people of Kashmir.

        Indian army can take a few steps to mitigate the number of injuries and losses of life in Kashmir. Indian army can opt for rubber bullets, instead of the conventional bullets. They can use pepper-fire, to clear mobs. The world bodies should also wake up for Kashmir, violation of human rights should be avoided and stopped.



       The cardinal problem in the issues of Kashmir, is the involvement of so many elements. Indian government has got its own perception of things. Pakistan on the other hand, has always been a bone in the neck. And who can count out, Uncle Sam, especially if its an Asian matter! Seems as if, Uncle Sam loves outing in Asia. Prodding in Asian affairs is a hobby of Uncle Sam! The Kashmir issue is a complex one, it may take time to resolve. Time heals everything, things will improve with time. Let’s hope for a better future of Kashmir



  1. You never cease to impress me Mr. Kalia.
    You’ve outdone yourself this time. You’ve kept it short and to the point, which actually works quite well here. The punctuation neat, very indeed. This Kashmir issue is quite intriguing! And sure as hell it needs to be understood and worked on. We shall talk more about it when we see it other the next time. Good read my friend.

  2. Dear Rohan,
    I truly liked your thoughts on Kashmir and somewhere down in my heart admire your concern for the Kashmiri people. But I feel Kashmir doesnot have a solution as such.
    Kashmiris will never accept India, India will never leave Kashmir land due to the strategic location and the tussle will go on while the neighbouring country will reap the benefit of unrest in India.


  3. so far, d best 1 by u… B’ful analysis n amazing description… I still remembr dat friday when one of my classmates was not allowed 2 enter d Mosque in TajMahal for offering Namaz jus bcoz he was from Kashmir..can v still xpct dese deprived n humiliated Kashmiris 2 luv India ?? Infact, if v Indians (specially dose majority speakers who r ignorant n biased) read about Kashmir n its history, v shall surely be able 2 unveil many facts which hav been burried down by politicians n ugly leaders.

  4. Hi Rohan!
    Kashmir is an issue wherein ur heart and ur mind both become handicap when u think about a solution. Corrupted government and corrupted people had lead Kashir into such situation. I pray to god that one day the people of Kashmir will say with a smile on their face ”We r proud to be an Indian”

    and that very day I too will feel proud.

    Obviously ur writing is undoubtfully great.. Keep writing.. all the best buddy!

  5. again a good piece of writing…India never treated kashmir their part…to this I would like to say that probably its true coz income tax act 1961 applies to whole of india except kashmir…
    but this is as true as water in the ocean that kashmir can improve only under INDIA coz their is a hungry group of people in the environment…..

    1. well mr harjinder sandhu with due respect to all the people of India, with the income tax not being applicable in Kashmir, there are so many things that are applicable in Kashmir and not in the rest of India and the rest of the people cant take it if those things start being applied on them
      as far as the hungry group is concerned we might not be so rich or poor for ur sake but we live in houses bigger than u do and we eat much better food than u can ever imagine.God has given many natural resources that can nourish us and it does..and besides about being poor the electricity that delhi uses is generated from kashmir only..now its for u to wonder that where does that revenue go that the state government is taking …
      and 1 more thing i really dont know about this income tax thing because even kashmiris pay income tax..
      and y dont u say anything to those bureaucrats and industrialists who dont even pay their share of taxes

  6. i wud say d BEST TOPIC U TOOK…..gr8 research work n gr8 framing…..
    n personally what i feel is “wat if uncle sam admins d kashmir???”
    or wat if the UN takes it under its governance?????
    i kno nething of such kind has nevr been done,,,,BUT ,…..wat if it happens?????????wat if it is made done????

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