I still remember that small room in which I lived for about a month (although I paid for the whole month), it was the month of December and it was exam time. I opted for a room in Ghaziabad itself, as coming from Noida was a troublesome job. It took me literally 3 hours to search for a room and after the hunt was over I shifted the very next day.

The room was a small one  , it was covered from all sides, analogous to a crucible. The rent was 1250, I used to live alone there. If i turn a bit candid, that actually was the worst niche I have ever lived in, in terms of space, luxury and location. But I can vouch, that little space was a true Insane Zone, and it helped me realize that only I can best accompany myself(Man, I can’t help  boasting about myself!). It also helped me apprehend the value and charms of solitude. It also provided me with the luxury of planning more and day dreaming more often at a regular basis. I used to cry(Ya I did!), laugh, shout and talk to myself; late in the nights.

The daily routine in that room was awesome. I used to go for a Tea, at-least five times a day, @ a place near IMT Ghaziabad. The chai-wala and I soon became friends. I used to write on little pieces of paper and throw it in the room itself. I was tuned into FM 24 CROSS 7 on my Samsung CGH-170(I miss you slim lady, My Samsung, Big Tym!). And I used to dance like anything, daily late @ night! I used to dance for hours @ a stretch, mostly at Punjabi or Bollywood hits. Reading also used to be a part of the daily routine.

Dancing in that room, really made me insane, it used to take me into a different zone altogether. I still remember, I danced in a school function way back, when I was in class 7. I still remember the song on which I danced, it was “Koi Kahe…….Kahta rahe!”, from the movie Dil chahta hain! But, I had partners with me in that dance performance, we were three in all. But, I am not in contact with anyone of them. That’s neither pathetic nor shocking; I am not in contact even with the 1st girl I loved. I am not in contact even with the 1st girl I kissed, and I am not in contact with any of the guys who used to be my best buddies in my early days of college life. That’s my nature, I don’t know why, but I some-what “REPEL THE PEOPLE, I LOVE AND LIKE THE MOST!”.

But life is all about moving on and on. It’s not about getting stuck at a place. I have never visited that room since I left it, but the memories are still fresh and bright. I strongly feel, not being in contact doesn’t really tantamount to forgetting someone .So, I am still moving on with an endeavour to make something worthy. How many times I have to look up, before I really see the SKY!

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  1. lf has its ups n down……moving n n counting d 1nces that made u strong n better is the real and practical way f living…..may b not in contact …but stl d memories of ppl r der in heart…… counts n it only counts…….

    Nice lines….blog worth reading…….in totality a complete episode…..:)

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