Boulevard Of Dreams…..Jst a Random Banter!

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Often we indulge ourselves in conversations or rather small talks.More often than not, these conversations are devoid of seriousness. But sumtimes, you indulge urself into conversations that may mould the coarse of your life. These things happen unintentionally, like most best things in life happen! If you ever happen to ask a professor the defination of a “conversation”; he will define it as”Conversation is indispensable for the successful accomplishment of almost all activities between people, especially the coordination of work, the formation of friendship and for learning.”. But in real life it’s much more than that………..It encompassess many elements, the spectrum of conversation can really be xtremely wide.Here is a living example of an interesting conversation and further more watch out the intensity….Live it…..Feel it!
Aryan was idle on a friday evening,the advent of another weekend. He called one of his intimate friends Shahid, and said,”Shahid Bhai….free ho….k…..Lets go fr a Coffee den!”. He quickly drenched himself wid body spray, Aryan has been a fragrance fret, from time immemorial. He got ready in jst abt half an hour(25 mins to be precise). Took the key of his “Bajaj Avenger” and left the flat in a jiffy. Soon both of them reached the discussion center or rather the niche of tranquility, it was CCD @ atta, noida. Aryan said,”Aswk, Shahid bhai…..wassup”! He got a reply,”Gd evening Bro, I am fine u say-wassup!”.They both went inside the coffee shop for, what they called their suave “banter”, “small talks”, etc.
Aryan was a bit lost, he had a perplexed look on his face, very rarely you witness him with such an enigmatic expression on his face.Shahid noticed it and said,”Kya hua, Koi pareshani??!”. Aryan smiled and said,”Isnt it amazing Shahid bhai, how time changes!…..Even in ma best dreams, I never imagined that one day, I will own a Honda city, even a coffee @ CCD used to be huge issue !”………Shahid looked deep in his eyes and said,”May be you deserved it!”……Aryan kept smiling and said,”You not getting me Shahid bhai, it really isnt abt deserving luxuary, instead it’s abt change of approach, If you remember, we guys hated materialism!”. There was a deep pause, as if an interlude between a Shakesperean play, they both avoided eye-contact, only God knows why!……..Something drove Aryan back the memory lane, it all came back to him. How he criticised the so called “Stinking Rich Guys”. A chai @ road side gave him more rapture and pleasure than a lavish coffee @ CCD or Barista.
Soon they came back into the real world after hibernating into a cold storage of past memories. Shahid said,”You love the word,entrepreneur, isnt it??”. Aryan smiled and said,”It’s like a dream Shahid bhai, I dnt jst love it, instead I live it!”. Entrepreneur was a word that Aryan heard long back, since then he has been trying to muster all his ideas, so that he can mushroom the concept that he had in his mind. Mean-while, they had the coffee of their respective choices. Shahid went for  the orthodox one and Aryan went for “Black coffee”. Shahid smiled and said,”Black Coffee….Still!”. Arayn gave him a casual look and said,”I confess i started it as a mere STYLE SYMBOL,but now it has become a habit, and as I always say- Some habits lie too deep to be changed!” ……..Both of them got started with their respective coffees and there struck another pause.
After a long pause, Aryan said,”Do you remember Shahid Bhai, once I asked you to define Life, and you said-LIFE IS A BITCH. Do you carry the same opinion even today or time has forced a change even in your opinion!”. Shahid started sort of brooding and said,”Ya I do, bt even I confess that the intensity has undergone abatement!”. Aryan said,”What about our concept of a perfect world, you remember that nyt when we were on a real High, High on Intellect.We had a concept(ideology) about making the world perfect. Where each soul is as great as the other, no differences, as if we were in Heaven! “. Shahid said,”Its nt about having “good manners” or “bad manners”, instead its abt having the “same manners” for each and everyone. This was the concept na!”………….Both of them came out of the Coffee Shop, shook hands, bid each-other “Khuda Hafiz”……..This is what you Guys call, “Real Small Talk…..Banter!”.



  1. impressive …a unique subject to write on . your blogs clearly manifests ur writing skills so never ever stop this . best of luck for further writing n ur future.

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