Real Life Transition …………….The Train Incident

There are certain incidents that leave a deep impact on our minds; they linger in our memory for a long time. I personally think that a man’s life heavily hinges on chances or rather the luck factor, yes such chances do arise and they determine a man’s course of life. Sometimes in Life you need someone to stir you up, someone to ignite the fire within you, someone to make you realize your potential. I mean to say you need a sort of catalyst in real Life as well, ya really a real life catalyst.A man grows with age and experience. That’s why i personally feel that aging doesn’t mean decay, instead it means growth. You must try to develop or grow with age and experience. Now let me tell you how an incident or rather an experience helped Raunak realize his potential.

It was the month of may, the heat was really scorching. Raunak had to catch a train @ night with his intimate friend Shahid.They spent time in the day as most young brats do; talking about latest autos, cigs, gals, latest gadgets and talking about their future plannings. They reached the railway-sation “jst on time”, they believed that procrastination was one of their assets. They found their respective berths and lied like anything. Just a few hours later, they again began their suave(thats wat they called it) conversation.The conversation had a vivid band spectrum, as the topics ranged from discrimination in Maharashtra to Enrique’s latest album Euphoria(another Iglesias’ master-piece).The train was running late by schedule time, as most Indian trains do! Every-Body felt sweaty and a bit down and the jam-packed ambience made the condition even worse. But even amidst all that adverse conditions, they kept the energy level up and enjoyed the journey. In the morning, the train stopped at every outer or suburb of a station. It was really frustrating and it even compelled some to blow off the steam on “The Great Indian Railways”.

Suddenly on the suburbs of Dadri, Shahid said, “Why don’t we jump outta dis fix”. Everyone in that chamber was taken aback, as if they were witnessing a polar bear @ Atta! Raunak jst gave a casual smile, and said,”Are you sure Shahid bhai??”.While the senior citizens really cursed the idea, even the young ones out there criticized it.A very important thing that was noticeable in that chamber was, that some, so called high profile guys were not giving heed to anything, they were not even talking to anyone……..”May be the vanity is too deep rooted”! Suddenly Shahid stood up and said, “let’s go”, he picked up the bags and started strolling towards the gate, leaving every one stunned. The train was running @ a speed of about 15 miles an hour it was nearing Dadri(a small place near Greater Noida).Suddenly Shahid said, “It’s the perfect time for jumping, you like transitions isn’t it, Bro!”.Some people standing near the gate thought that the idea sounded a bit lunatic and carried on their “small talks”. It’s a common psychology of Indians to give advices and precepts but never blaze a trail, by setting an example.Shahid had a determined look on his face, contradictory to others; who looked a bit jumbled-mumbled.Shahid went at the brink of the gate, looked at the ambience outside; as if he was saying,”Thts fcukin easy man!”.He took up the gauntlet and jumped,turning down all the criticisms. Just as he landed, Shahid shouted,”Raunak come man…..wat d hell r u waitin fr??”!Raunak was mighty perplexed and closed his eyes for a second or two.Sometimes you are stuck in situations where, the heart says,”Yes”, but the mind says,”No”.In a jiffy, Raunak’s gut feeling won over his logic, and he also made a jump.They left everyone in the chamber stunned. One of the senior citizens said, “Have they gone nuts, Oh ma Gawd, somebody teach these young lads how to channelize energy!”.He took a deep breath and continued,”But i must say,they had the attitude, they really took me back the memory lane, I was jst lyk them in my youth!”.Everyone else in that chamber agreed, the senior citizens in particular.

For a moment, Raunak couldnt believe what he has done.He was so nervous and immensely excited that he continued running for almost half a mile.As he haulted, Shahid came to him and said,”Thts wat u call takin d bull by the horns!”.Raunak couldnt say anything, he jst hugged him.Shahid had made him do something that appeared to be impossible for him.He softly said,”Thanks Shahid bhai, May be Motor-Cycle Diaries made a deep impact on u! “. Shahid smiled, nodded and said,”You know Raunak, it’s the culture that’s making us hesitant and sum-what coward, its pulling us back from doing things we want to!”.Raunak smiled in reply, maybe he was still lost in fantasy of his own heroics. Shahid continued, “Why can’t people find happiness and tranquility in simple things like; singing,talking,get-togethers,enjoying a beautiful rainy day or admiring a sunset!”.Raunak had no real idea, he casually said,”May be they are too busy, busy in making bucks, busy in playing a foolish game-busy in trying to make a name!”.

Raunak learnt alot from this incident, he learnt that we must always listen to our heart. While making it “Big”, or while taking a chance, we must never care what the world will think! Another thing that he learnt is that attitude is contagious. It’s not just about quoting revolutions, instead it’s about being revolutionary in real life as well. Don’t wait for things to happen, instead make things happen. Shahid very rightly said,”Tu Inqallab ki aamad ka intazaar na kar, Jo ho sake to abhi Inqallaab paida kar; Inqallaab-Zindabaad!”.



  1. Gud going.. like it and love the way, pic is showing the right attitude.. free at heart… I will appreciate it more if you can make sure to push the same perception to the reader’s mind as you have it yours…

  2. Dude! This is some seriously good stuff. The vocabulary is reader friendly and the approach is quite artistic. The last time, i suggested you to simplify the vocabulary a bit. This time i better do nothing but praise your skills. You are getting better by the day. Dont ever stop doing this or i will shoot you in the balls! Loved it.

  3. well presented raunak..!!…it was no more do or die,instead do b4 u die….sumthin v can boast abt…..waise nice work…go on man…dua karo ki zindagii ko naa kbhi qaraar aaye…AUR DIL ME ek ROZ NAYA INQUELAAB AAYE..!! jai hind…happy writing..!!

  4. Good way to put your thoughts in the interesting way that made reading non stop until the meaningful cue…. Comprising the energy, thrill and pursuit of very youth. Keep it up, dude !!

  5. gud work..keep it going….may be sum tymes i can gt help frm u…in writing sum smaal lines…which can express my thougts also…

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