SRK Vs Thakre………A Battle of Pride

It isn’t a wrestling match or a war; instead it’s a battle of pride. We all are well aware about the rift between Bollywood’s Hottest Heart Throb- Shah-Rukh Khan and legendary leader Bala Sahab Thakre.

Srk……Stylish Ravishing Khan, is a youth icon. He is a role-model of millions of youngsters. His Brilliant acting skills coupled with his amiable persona, makes him in-evitable. He has been performing wonders in the Bollywood industry for almost one and a half decade. Millions of gals are ready to pack their bags and elope with him………true Casanova you know.SRK is no doubt Glamour personified.

Thakre on the other hand, is just a thorough contrast. He is a conventional Marathi(Using the word “conventional” is a euphemism here).If I turn a bit Candid, or rather if I exercise my “Freedom of Speech”, I should call him a Fanatic Marathi instead. Formerly, he was considered as one of the most influential Indian Politician, stressing on “formerly”. No Doubt, Mr. Thakre is highly respected……..Even i personally respect him a lot.

This article is neither to eulogize Mr. Khan, nor to criticize Mr. Thakre. Its just to boost the feeling of patriotism. We Indians are known for our unity in diversity, for our hospitality…….and the coming generation must carry the legacy forward. The Indian youth must cultivate the feeling of patriotism. Indian youth has a lot of potential, we Indians virtually brim with energy, we just need to channelize the same. Young Indians like Rahul Gandhi are an inspiration for us. Thus, we must promote harmony, brother-hood, peace, kinship, tranquility among ourselves. Remember, “God made people to be loved and things to be used. But the problem is, we use people and we love things.”



  1. gud start!!d post is diff 4m wht we hear dese days…one is either against or in favor,u brought out a gud approach… keep it up…:) gud luck 4 future…

  2. Gud,Rohan u re a big best wishes r always wid all d best for ur grown future………..god always helps you……..

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